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SEEDS - the building blocks of our consciousness


Let us come together with love - all followers, conscious non-followers and rebellious non-followers. These seeds are here to be nourished by all types of soil, for the benefit of mankind. There is something here for everyone to resonate with and elevate with. Let these seeds be the bridge for your crossing to a higher consciousness. The success of mankind can only result from the ultimate consciousness of all, our JAH conscience






baldheads - those that live by no real spiritual guidelines and do not have a real spiritual understanding (a religious tag does not mean you have real spiritual understanding, it just means you have labelled yourself with a religious tag). A baldhead is simply anyone that is not a conscious non-follower (see "education")

Baldheads have not come to the realisation that living systemically is the reason for the dishevelment of our race and our society 


babylon - the western system of life which most of us live by. Babylon aims to create a system of people who simply follow the masses, don't think for themselves outside the box, and believe that the government is really there for our well being - people who even give up their personal freedom willingly to live a meaningless life where watching tv and drinking alcohol are regarded as favourite pastimes . Meaningless in the sense that if you ask most people what they would do if they won a billion dollars, they would say that it would be a life changing experience. Yet most of them would spend the money on material "stuff" and be right back where they started from. So you see babylon teaches you not to understand the true meaning of life and happiness, and to settle for a life similar to a concentration camp, where the best rewards for you are trivial like new cars and houses and holidays and paying down debt. I mean come on !!!    Surely you want more from life than that ?  But maybe you don't know what "more" is. Babylon is the new age slavery where you give up most of your time to work only to receive enough to have to work continuously through your life until you get old and die without having had any real time for yourself to grow, learn, spend time with nature and excel as a person to attain absolute happiness. You see the animals were given an innate ability to raise their young and survive. So too were we given an innate ability to harmonise with nature and draw forces of energy from nature to help us self-heal, defy the ageing process, prevent any cancers and do many supernatural things. All we humans have amazing powers that babylon will never teach us about. This babylon western way of life (which seems so attractive to all nations and people) prevents us from living the way we were all meant to live and robs us all of our natural, innate abilities as humans. It promotes spirituality only at the religious level, not too deep, and advocates a non-theocratic society.



1- We are conditioned by what we are taught as children. Realise that it may not be good conditioning. Our parents only knew what they were taught. We are rulers of our own destiny only if we are willing and able to   re-condition ourselves. 


2- Our minds can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Train it well


3- If someone taught children that beef was a cow and pork was a pig, most kids wouldn't eat meat. 


4- If you want to find things that others can't, you have to look in places that other's won't


- Every decision we make (and I mean every singe decision) should be made in accordance and recognition of nature or that which is natural.


5- We were always meant to work in harmony with nature but because humans have not carried out this basic principal for centuries, nature is now rebelling against us


6- Don't follow what most people do because most people aren't happy and don't know what to do.


7- The results of ANY of our actions should not have a negative effect (either directly or indirectly) on our earth,      ourselves or animals


8- Our body is a temple which we were given to look after and keep clean. It does so much for us, works overtime, repairs quickly and puts up with the unnatural rigours of life. We owe it to ourselves to only put into it what is pure, natural and that which promotes healthiness and longevity of life to it. Otherwise we have no respect or love for ourselves


9- Our earth was given to us to live in, to look after and to keep clean. It does so much for us in providing us the necessities of life even when we treat it so badly - we owe it to ourselves to do nothing that destroys it or contributes to its destruction in ANY way, either as a nation or as an individual. Otherwise we have no love or respect for ourselves or the place we live


10- What is human progress ? Human progress is learning our universal law of nature and mastering the use of it in our day to day lives for the benefit of the human family, the individual family and our earth. Babylon system will not teach us that. Babylon needs people driven by material progress who don't mind sacrificing their individual progress.


11- Most people's view on human progress is measured materially or if they don't know what to say, they use stereotypical phrases which show the lacking in understanding that a person's spirituality CAN be measured and increasing it is the only true progress. Babylon system does not teach us that. 


12- The truth is an offence but not a sin.


13- The aim is for humans to live with JAH conditioning. We are responsible for our personality traits and the need to re-wire ourselves if necessary. Baldheads will say " Oh that's just the way I am " or " that's just me" or "I've always been like that"  - SO CHANGE IT 


14- Don't settle for second best. We were made to live on this earth like kings and queens. Let's act like it and then we'll feel like it


15-For mental clarity and balance, everyone should meditate (personal alone time in silence) for 15 minutes every day. If you have no time for this then you need to do it for one hour every day


16- A wise man once said, " a good way to judge a man is by looking at his family. If there is peace, harmony, love, ethics and morality then so too will these form his character. If there is upheaval, disrespect, disharmony and separation (mental or physical), then these too will be part of his nature


17- Noah had 3 sons, Ham Shem and Japheth. Ham was given the gift of soul and so you see the soulfulness of Ham in many aspects today in the world. Shem was given the gift of spirituality and so too today you see Shem leading the world in ways of consciousness, religion and spiritual life. Japheth was given the gift of technology and he too is the expert in that field in the world today. However one working without the guidance of the other is a recipe for disaster and that too is seen clearly in the world today. 


18- Vegan blood cures cancer


19- The only culture is JAH culture. Multiculturalism is all cultures living with Jah Consciousness


20- People in your life should empower you, otherwise they shouldn't be in your life. This includes family


21- The bible says that your family are only they that do the work of God, and not they that are related to you by blood. In other words your family are those that think and live in accordance with the universal law of nature and if they don't, then they should not be regarded as your family. This is a basic principal of our human code but babylon doesn't teach us this. Most of us will put up with our relatives no matter what they do just because they are our blood relations. Strictly babylon teaching.  Look around and observe the chaos that this approach has caused in the world


22- Most parents don't know how to teach their children anything other than secular knowledge because they themselves weren't taught any real knowledge. Most parents can't answer their children's questions properly. Most parents don't know what happens when we die, or what happens when we sleep, or why we eat animals when its bad for us. So they give their children ridiculous answers to keep them quiet which result in them growing up to be ignorant, empty adults. Look around, they're everywhere. 


23- Why do you vote ? Do you really believe that this government will do anything better than the last one ? The last one promised so much and so did the one before that but noone delivered. In fact all throughout history, politicians have promised many things to get the vote, but when in office they come up with many seemingly valid reasons for not going ahead with what was previously promised. We all know this and we know this will continue, so why do you vote ?  Simply because you would rather vote for one monkey than be fined. Or you would rather choose one monkey rather than have to stand out from the rest and explain yourself. I mean we become so conditioned by babylon that we will actually vote for a monkey to rule the country that we live in. And then we complain about the monkeys in power and they say to us, "well, its the government that the people voted for". So we should never vote for a government that does not rule in accordance with our universal law of nature. And none of them do. They all make loud noises, fight with each other and think of themselves first, just like monkeys. But fear rules most of us and because of it, we continually act in a non-sensical way.


24- Every new gadget/appliance will have a set of instructions showing you how to use it. Without it, you are simply guessing and hoping for the best so most people read the instructions. Life too has a set of instructions showing you how to live and without it, you are simply guessing and hoping for the best. This is what most people do. I mean shouldn't we all know why we are here, what we're supposed to, how we're supposed to live and what happens when we die ? This knowledge is definitely accessible if you're willing to come out of the box you've been living in which babylon made for you. Don't be scared to venture out, its beautiful and amazing outside - not being in the box.


25- What does going to heaven actually mean ? And what about hell ? I mean even the church minister can't explain it.  And how do you get there ?  It's incredible to think that we believe such nonsense and noone will say to the other how ridiculous it is. The truth about heaven and hell (call it that if you will)  is much more simple and believable than that. However don't ask the preacher because he doesn't know the answer. 


26- Politicians should move you, impress you with their clarity, make you feel secure with their leadership, comfort you with their knowledge on what is right for us, be God loving and moral, live and act ethically and above all be able to act in the best interest of all of us people, animals and the earth. They must speak authoritatively and act with kingly character. Does this remind you of any politician that you know ?


27- True confidence breeds charisma without ego


28- Deviation from the universal law is the reason for the ailments of society such as poverty, crime,                       confused sexuality, ADHD, SIDS, cancer, war, broken families, being overweight, low self esteem and numerous others. Babylon will simply give these ailments a label, prescribe medication/counselling where possible, and condition people to think that it's all a normal part of life. And people believe it because babylon teaches you to accept what you see in the media and on tv and in newspapers without question.


29- With JAH consciousness, there would no ailments of society and babylon could not exist. We would be given real education and we would all know how to sustain ourselves physically and mentally


30- If you truly loved your children, you would never send them into the school system. School simply teaches you how to be a baldhead and how to succesfully be a part of babylon


31- School does not teach you how to be successful in any way. 


32- If you want a truly happy and successfull relationship, then the most important quality to look for in a partner is God-Consciousness (which is very different to believing in God). Without this, the relationship will only give you a limited happiness at best, whether you realise it or not. Having a long-lasting relationship does not translate as having a happy and successful one just the same as being in a comfort zone does not translate as having contentment of the heart. Settling for something is not the same as making the best of what you have. Your soulmate, or the right partner for you, should elevate your thought frequency to a higher level and they should bring out the God-Consciusness in you. Most people don't know to even look for this trait (because noone taught them) and those that start a relationship really have no idea how to make it a success. Using stereotypical phrases like "You must trust each other" and "Communication is key" is useless unless we know how to do those things. When you look around today at the partners that people choose, it's incredible how people settle for partners that really have very little to offer. 


33- Most of us believe that we can't improve our situation (physical or mental) because we have no choice and that's just the lot that life has given us. But if you really believed in your heart that you were special and amazing and that you deserved the absolute best that life has to offer because you are a king or queen on this earth, then you would not settle for the things that you settle for. But babylon teaches us that we are not special, why should we have the best, we should just be happy with what we have, and there is a tall poppy syndrome that babylon system has created which has become an epidemic. Realise that we are all images of God and we are amazing. Don't limit your potential by babylon teachings.


34- Life is not about what happens to you. Its about your reaction to the things that happen to you. You see, most people simply react instead of respond. These things that happen to us daily are our tests that we have to pass, no less than an exam of some sort. To pass these life tests, we need to respond with JAH consciousness to EVERY situation in our life be it seemingly big or small. However what we learn from those around us is to react well if good things happen but its acceptable to react badly if negative things happen to us. This is just a recipe for disaster and yet we humans have been taught how to channel those energies (created by the negative things that happen to us) into a positive vibration which would allow us to act in a dignified and respectable way at all times, and be positive no matter what happens to us. But babylon doesn't teach us this. It tells us to react however we feel and then just have a few drinks or pop a pill to make you feel better - and if this doesn't work, it's quite normal to have to get therapy or to see a councellor. Trust me, its alot easier for you in your life if you can just tap into your JAH consciousness


35- The view of the top is very different once you're half way up. You tend to appreciate the bottom alot more


36- Even if people are shown a better way to think or do things, most will never change due to conditioning. This is what babylon hopes will happen. It takes a very special kind of person to go against the grain


37- Every need has an ego to feed - Bob Marley


38- The only way to run a successful government is through theocracy and not democracy


39- Materialism breeds discontent amongst nations and is a state of individual as well as mass thinking which is opposed to spiritualtity and Godly concepts. It too is a disease which we must immune ourselves against


40- We need to be questioning otherwise we are accepting and also adopting which will lead to conditioning and this again needs questioning unless it is true overstanding


41- To all females - if you act like a queen, a king will find you but if you act like a bitch, a dog will bite you


42- To all males - a man's true nature is reflected by the way he acts when he is in the wrong


43- If your mother forsake you and your father forsake you, Jah Jah will take you


44 - Living life does not mean doing everything and trying everything. That is called soul searching. Once we find what the soul is searching for, we are then able to truly live a happy life which we come to realise is much more simple than we ever thought


45 - Being Godly is a state of yearning and not a state of doing


46 - The attraction talked about in this seed is that of our lower emotions and not natural attraction which is of a high spiritual frequency. "Attraction causes distraction and distraction causes destruction"


47- Discipline and manners are necessary for a successful life. Babylon doesn't teach us this


48 - The lack of true knowledge and understanding of life makes us feel incomplete as humans and this leads us to resorting to anything that gives us a sense of belonging


49 - Remember that you are in this world but not OF this world


50 - The law of the Nazarite is a law of separation which would not have been made if there was no reason to separate


51 - Religion is the gateway to true knowledge. It is the means by which we attain greater understanding. Religion is mental training preparing us for life's deep mystical truths and is necessary, but we musn't just be religious. The state of yearning that Godliness requires will inevitably result in us asking those questions that religion cannot answer and we are now passing through the gateway. We definitely do need to know the answers to those questions to give meaning to our lives and to feel complete. All religion will lead to Jah Consciousness if you pursue it but not if you stop at it. 


52 - Humility is not being silent and having authority is not being aggressive.


53 - Animals were never meant to sacrifice their lives for us and we were never meant to sacrifice our lives for the system. That's babylon teaching


54 - Being Rasta is not the same as being Rastafari


55 - Reasoning amonst conscious minds helps to deeper understand and absorb seeds. Reasoning is the                   fine-tuning of true learning. For those of you who resonate with certain seeds on this site and wish to reason further, please email me at


56 - Festivals like christmas, easter and others are simply barbaric and inhumane events that have no connection to the spiritual foundations that we are told they have. If we cared enough to do our own research into the history of these events, we would find them nothing to celebrate just like the holocaust or indeed saturnalia


57 - A seed a day keeps the doctor away


58 - As children we are meant to act childishly and then as we grow we are supposed to give up childish ways and mature.  However in babylon that's not what happens because in babylon, parents don't bring up their           children - the system does. Parents in babylon don't know how to teach their children about tapping into certain energies that will help them to control and harness their emotions and thought patterns. When you look around the world today, you see a multitude of grown men and women acting like children due to a lack of parenting. Children are the ones who meant to react whereas adults are the ones who are meant to think before acting. But that's not what we see. 


59 - You are very limited in what you can achieve in life when you live by society rules


60 - If you don't program your own mind, it will be programmed for you


61 - Start with nature and realise that there is a higher force involved in creation. Then come to your own conclusion that systemic life doesn't work. Combine this with the observation that many religions talk about this "God" thing, and your own brain should then start to piece things together and ask questions. As long as you continue asking questions without involving your ego, you too will come to Jah consciousness


62 - Religion doesn't give you answers, it leaves you asking questions. That's what it's supposed to do 


63 - Cooking for your wife on your day off doesn't make you a good man. Cooking for her on a day that you are working makes you respectable. However if you balance your time between work and life and cook for her only food that is clean (and I don't mean washed), you are indeed a good man but only that. To be a great man involves doing things that are beyond the physical. 


64 - We are all too brilliant to keep believing babylon lies. There is no better time to break free than now. You deserve it 


65 - If you really believed that you had something of substance to offer the world, you would not be able to handle living babylon way. Everyday people have nothing of substance to offer. 


66 - If you want to be just a name and a number with no meaning or simply a statistic, then following society is perfect for you. 


67 - Hot air travels upwards. Mental corruption moves downwards. It starts in high places and filters down and out amongst the masses. 


68 - If you want to make a difference in the world then babylon is not for you. 


69 - The whole aim of your life is to bring out your JAH Consciousness from within you and use it in your life. It's that simple. Or is it ? 


70 - Babylon is like a roundabout. You enter it then you choose your way out. If you don't choose your exit, you will end up going round and round in circles. Most people have not chosen an exit.


71 - Once we complete our earth life, we enter stage 2 of our existence. Then there is a further stage 3. Babylon teaches you nothing about this


72 - You can teach people but you can't make them learn


73 - Babylon doesn't give us freedom. It gives us limited options and doesn't allow us to fully exercise our free will which is our right as a human being.


74 - If babylon education was the answer, then everyone would be vegan (this is just one example). It only takes you to read a few books on eating meat to realise that it is wrong in every way. The education is out there but the individual's mind is not fine tuned or receptive and it is weak. The world's governments should realise this because if they keep educating the world their way, people won't change until they learn JAH Consciousness


75 - We can't feel powerful if we live hypocritically. By this I mean that you will never feel empowered as a person if you don't live the way you were created to live 


76 - Fighting against nature is always a losing battle


77 - It is scientifically proven that all matter is made up by the vibrating of atoms. The "spirit" is a rate of vibration that exists within the human body and increasing one's spirituality actually increases those vibrations. 


78 - Human beings use a small percentage of the lobes in their brain. Only JAH consciouscess will allow us to tap into the un-used portion and to bring out our true potential and capabilities. Only then can we portray our true representation as images of God. 


79 - If you don't know the meaning of life, then it is fair to say that you are living a life with no meaning. You might as well do whatever you like to make it worthwhile. 


80 - Don't gain the world to lose your soul - Bob Marley 


81 - This is the lifeline that most of us live - It seems crazy but we do have a choice             

                born unnaturally

                drugged immediately

                handed to the establishment for education from an early age

                adobt the values of the establishment

                work, get debt, work harder, get more debt, work even harder

                Eat badly, be addicted to something, require medication

                Can't ever stop working or have time for yourself

                Become more reliant on the establishment

                Get more unwell, need more medication, need more money

                Look worse as you age and become more and more unwell

                Catch a disease due to your disease, and everyone thinks its normal

                Die in your 2nd trimester without having achieved anything (material things don't count)


82 - There are 3 trimesters in our life each spanning approximately 40 years. In the first one we are to learn the truths from our parents based on life's universal law of nature. In our 2nd trimester, we live our life according to that law and in our 3rd, we teach that which needs to be learnt to others.


83 - Man's unity with nature is the foundation of our existence on the planet, and the foundation of all economic systems and social relationships between groups of people. Without it, the present civilization like those of the past will move toward decline and decay - from Enoch to the dead sea scrolls


84 - The teachings of His Imperial Majesty are TRUTH for all mankind, irrespective of your colour or nationality


85 - Society teaches us that death is a really big deal but life is not - it doesn't matter how you live your life but you should do anything possible to prevent death. How opposite the truth is. In fact you should do everything possible to live your life correctly, and death is no big deal because we know why we are here and where we are going (unless we don't). The irony is that most people are scared of dying but they choose to live their life in a way that makes them die much quicker. 


86 - Babylon don't make no sense. Don't ignore it and waste your precious life. Today could be the start of an amazing tomorrow


87 - The meaning of life is simply to attain Jah Consciousness and to use that consciousness in all aspects of our everyday life to bring complete joy and happiness and satisfy our soul and fulfill the purpose of our being. 


88 - When we remove our conditionings and are un-conditioned (so to speak) we are then naturally drawn towards thought potentials of a high frequency. In other words we will want to act consciously or in a Godly nature with everything we do. This is the basic nature of a human being. However part of living in society (or babylon) is that we are conditioned into thought potentials of a low nature and in order to progress spiritually, we need to re-condition ourselves. Herb will help remove the conditioning of babylon. 


89 - A successful technique in helping to attain Jah Consciousness is to focus on your 5 main senses. Be mindful of what you  see, hear, taste, smell and feel. This will also improve your sixth sense


90 - We should all teach our children that nature ALWAYS takes precedence over all things material


91 - "Material gain is nothing to gain, if you dont have yourself then you've got nothing to gain" - The Itals


92 -  We all have our third eye which they don't tell you about at school which is ironic because living a successful life results from using our third eye as opposed to our other 2 eyes which is what most people do.


93 -  Many years ago, the eminent scientist Professor Casrl Steinmetz, when asked if he believed in God, said that he accepted a spiritual side to life and that he believed in the future they would open laboratories to study God, prayer and spiritual forces. Research has found that the overwhelming majority of scientists do believe in God and realise that after all their scientific ventures, everything points to a higher creative force that defys human logic. 


94 - For those requiring further nourishing, I recommend 2 books that are in my opinion the perfect place to start opening our minds to the truth. These are "The Fruits of The Tree of Knowledge" by H C and M Randall Stevens and the other one is "From Enoch to The Dead Sea Scrolls" by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. I have used some quotes from these books as the next few seeds


95 -  "All people are in constant contact, every moment of their lives and in all points of their being, with all the forces of life and the visible and invisible universe" - From Enoch to The Dead Sea Scrolls


96 - "An individual is only worth what he or she puts into conscious constructive effort whilst incarnate upon Earth. Each action taken, each undertaking achieved for good, is of benefit to, and in harmony with, the Great Eternal Force of God and will live upon earth after we have passed to other realms of spiritual consciousness to fuse with, and strengthen, the achievments of future generations" -  Fruits of The Tree of Knowledge


97 - Self talk creates the thoughts by which our actions are governed. Babylon aims to minimise if not eliminate our self-talk by not allowing us time for ourselves. If we are not working a job, we are watching tv or on the computer or on our ipod or talking on our phone or doing anything that prevents us from talking to ourselves to create our own thoughts. Most people's thoughts are controlled by babylon and most people don't like being alone with their thoughts. Only Jah Consciousness can change this to make you love the way you think.


98 - Each one of us as individuals needs to make a weekly self-analysis of our thoughts, deeds and words. The balancing of this shows the extent to which we are co-operating with or deviating from the superior forces and give us a cross section of our character, abilities and physical condition, thus indicating the degree of our evolution in life. 


99 - With Jah Consciousness, the world would consist of a multitude of self-sufficient communities working with each other where all would contribute and in turn reap all material and non-material fruits of their labour. The challenges of life would exist but would not compare to the everyday joy and happiness felt by all. There would be no need for a defense force, CIA, government, president, prime minister or anything created by emotions of fear, greed and self preservation. We would feel empowered and loved and important (because everyone wants and needs these things), and we would act and treat each other in ways that are not seen in today's society.


100 - You and I were given this earth and all within. It is our responsibility and moral obligation to do everything to preserve, live with and not take away anything from that which was given to us. Always seek a higher metaphysical authority, not your own, before doing anything - we all have this ability and remember this before you think, feel and act because it is the only way to bring true happiness and peace to ourselves, SELAH 





































































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