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"All people like you and me will be builders for eternity, each was given a bag of tools, a shapeless mask and a book of rules" - The Heptones


In the seed above, which is true for all mankind, the bag of tools and shapeless mask are rendered useless without the book of rules. You see this book of rules (which was followed for thousands of years by us all) is the code by which all humans function as a species. The code defines the purpose of our existence, the way to live out that purpose and what happens to us when we die. All living species of life have their own code and live by it. Humans are the only species that has lost its original book of rules, our code, and consequently WE are now lost. And because we are lost and most of us live without any real purpose, we are causing the destruction of our own species, the other species that we were given dominion over and the planet on which we were given to live. Isnt that interesting ?

All living species of being abide by their code and none of them have invented their own code to live by. Animals don't suddenly decide to follow the blueprint of a plant and micro-organisms don't suddenly decide to adopt the code of insects. It seems silly even using the example but it does make a very strong point that can't be denied. All species seem to follow the code that was designed for them. All species except humans. 


Humans are the only species that doesn't follow the code assigned to it according to its blueprint. However this wasn't always the case. For many centuries we did live by our code, in harmony with all around us and we fulfilled our purpose on this earth and in turn we were truly fulfilled ourselves. We experienced true happiness (not based on material possessions or vanity), good health throughout our lives (cancers and diseases weren't even around then) and we did none of the inhumane, disgusting, barbaric and un-intelligent things that we do and accept as normal today.  We achieved our full potential as humans and were capable of things that people of today would only ever imagine of in a sci-fi movie. We realised that our purpose as humans entails much more than this earth life, but we knew the reason for our life and the reason for death. Then there was a period where for hundreds of years we were manipulated, brainwashed and re-educated without being allowed to read or write ourselves (imagine that !!) and this was deemed necessary by those in political control for a platform on which to create a new way of life that would eventually replace the code (or so it was hoped).


This new system (similar to a concentration camp) was created to re-educate all people into following a fear based,materially driven way of life which essentially involved lifelong slavery to the establishment, by giving most of one's time (known as your job)  to work for and build the system with no real purpose other than to be rewarded with just enough to have to keep doing the same thing indefinitely. People would lose their natural instinct and mystic abilities and would not be able to look after themselves without babylon, consequently not being able to teach their offspring anything other than to live by the rules of that very system and this would in turn strengthen the system (babylon). Imagine for a second a bird losing its ability to feed, fly and to survive and then not being able to teach its young how to function like a bird, and then ending up trying to live by a squirrel's set of rules for example. Its chances of survival would be indeed slim. So too in babylon where people, not living by their original code, use none of their natural capabilities and simply do the same, monotonous, tedious things every day (like a mouse on a wheel) and have no idea of what they are here on earth to do. Most people think happiness is the goal, but have no non-material idea how to actually attain it. They develop addictions to help them cope with babylon and these in turn keep them more reliant on the system. They grow old and develop diseases and illnesses that are created by the side effects of living by systemic rules. These ailments cause further reliance on babylon and so forth until death when most people are only remembered for minor, insignificant things which we are taught to exaggerate and make look like a great achievment for which we should be really proud. The next generation then repeats the same pointless process.


"It's a world that forces lifelong insecurity ' - Bob Marley


As a result of the above paragraph, most of us simply know nothing better than to go to school in order to learn how to survive in babylon, then work for most of our life never having enough money, we get old and sick then die. We watch tv which instills in us our values and ideals because our parents don't know the code by which humans are supposed to live, so they can't teach us. We look up to and admire those who are popular on the tv, we believe our world leaders and government who control the tv and the whole system in the first place. Most of us cannot look after ourselves without babylon and we can't live any day without money. We try so hard to conform to what others say is acceptable and don't feel complete unless we do. And none of this actually makes us happy. In fact we need vices (mentioned later) to even allow us to cope with the ridiculousness of how we are taught to live, and these vices keep us more reliant on the very system that creates them. Interesting isn't it. It's sort of like how Nestle (the brand) used to make chocolate and Quik (which puts on weight) while at the same time owning Jenny Craig (well known for weight loss). Either way, the establishment wins. So why do most people do it ?

Because in their eyes they have no choice. Most people don't know their purpose on earth, will never realise their true ability as a human being and most people follow the system and complain about their life. As you can see, we have lost our original set of instructions - our book of rules, our code. I mean if we are all images of God, surely we're capable of alot more than this. 


Unfortunately for babylon, around the world there are a few people in each country (and only a few) who start to realise themselves by whatever means that babylon makes no sense, has no purpose and there has to be another way to live our life. You see, in order for babylon to be completely successful, people must accept their way of life and never question it. Even though things don't seem to make sense and babylon teaching is questionable, we are taught to serve the establishment without question and to mock and ridicule anyone who tries to relay to us another way of life that goes against the teachings of babylon, even though this other way might actually bring more happiness and fulfillment to us. Most of us go along and obey the orders laid down to us and we give up our lives to blindly follow the system, but there are some, call them a few, call them a miniscule amount compared to the world's population who love themselves enough to question these ridiculous teachings that we are taught from our early years at school, whilst watching the tv, and from the government that rules us and makes our laws. These few people share a common understanding that their life does matter to them and they find themselves having deeper thoughts like this :


"People do the same thing over and over again every day and no-one seems to be happy, not even old or even rich people"

"How come everyone just follows the system and no-one questions it ? "

"I don't want to be like the people I see around me, so I need to live my life differently"

"Everyone complains about life's incompleteness, but they keep doing the same thing and pretend their life is good"

"I don't want to just work for the system most of my life then get old, still working. Seems like I'm wasting my time"

"School just teaches us how to survive in the system, not how to be happy"

"Most people complain about not having enough time for themselves or their family, but do nothing about it"

"What I've experienced doesn't make me feel complete and fulfilled, and that's what I want"


"Who feels it knows it"- Bob Marley


Please realise that there are 2 types of happiness - Ordinary happiness, which is attained materially and by social acceptance and systemic values, and there is Absolute happiness, which is attained by knowing our code and living the way that we were designed to live. The former brings a superficial feeling that doesn't reach the core of our heart and the latter brings true love, happiness and absolute contentment with one's life.  Which one would you rather have ? So those who have ears, let them hear and those who have eyes, let them see. The truth is an offence, but not a sin. The world goes around and there are only 3 kinds of people on this earth. Followers, Rebellious non-followers and Conscious non-followers. We all fit into one of these categories, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

         - Followers will see no wrong with the way they live, and will see no wrong with babylon even though every one of them has a vice of some sort that helps them cope with life in babylon. These vices include tv, alcohol, cigarettes, sexual deviancy, eating meat, religion (yes religion), vanity, addictions and obsessions of all kind including things that are done in private but never mentioned. The internet has taken everything just mentioned to another level. Followers will insist that we must follow the system and keep up with the Jones's ; we are only honourable if we go to school, study and work hard. Followers settle for very little in life (mostly materially based) and they look down at rebellious non-followers and conscious non-followers. You may be a follower and if so, everything written here will be nothing but an interesting but rather outlandish theory on life that can't be true because you haven't been taught it. 

         - Rebellious non-followers do see a problem with babylon and have had some of the deeper thoughts above. They don't believe in conforming to the system but because they have no knowledge of any other code to live by (because no-one has ever taught them), they invent their own rebellious one which gives them a sort of ordinary happiness. They aren't really content but they know no other way. This category of people may not have completed school or tertiary study (and never saw the point of school), and struggle in the system with irregular employment (if any) and live a rebellious lifestyle which includes stronger addictions, obsessions and non mainstream (and sometimes illegal) behaviour. Rebellious non-followers often like to identify themselves in certain ways such as strong choices in music and fashion and being more risque. If you are a Rebellious non-follower, you may relate to alot of what has been said here and you are most likely alot more open minded than a Follower. I have met many Rebellious non-followers at my gigs who are moved by the vibrations.


        - Last to mention but in no way least is the Conscious non-follower and there are 2 types. The first type of Conscious non-follower is the person who is brought up with the code by parents who know, live and teach it. This ironically is a miniscule amount of people, the irony being that our responsibility in life as parents is exactly that - to know, live and teach the human code of life. The other type of Conscious non-follower is the one who starts off as a follower (and may even spend time as a Rebellious non-follower) but through some subconscious non-attraction to babylon combined with thought patterns of a higher vibration, he or she chooses to forsake the ways of the west and pursue inner fulfillment. The Conscious non-follower not only has the deeper thoughts mentioned above but also makes an important life decision because of those thoughts. He or she decides that they are not going to live their life like everyone else but instead will search for absolute happiness. Consciousness means having and using insight as opposed to outward and temporal thought patterns. A Conscious non-follower will think of things like keeping a healthy mind, my body is a temple, don't gain the world to lose your soul, protect our environment, be kind in all our actions even if it means feeling second best sometimes, do things based on Godly principals even if it means going against monetary best policy, don't always think of financial gain and don't be fear based because doing all these things things would make us so much happier as people and would allow the world to be a much better place to live in. If you are reading this as a Conscious non-follower, then you know alot of and agree with all that has been said here. You are always learning to fine tune your conscious ability and to become one with our true purpose. You maybe be at a stage of Conscious non-following, where you identify with anti-babylon dogma but may not necessarily know the teaching of the code of life. This comes with time, effort and enough seeds.  


Yes, enough seeds. You see, whether you are a Follower, a Rebellious non-follower or a Conscious non-follower, we are all simply different types of soil that nourish the seeds that we receive each and every day. These seeds are everywhere, all around us, in books, in the words of people, on the internet, in religion, reggae music and even on the tv that most of us follow like a God. Seeds of Life. They are conscious truths, teachings, affirmations, ideologies, higher reasonings, ethical principals, morals, little things that people say and anything that shows us how to think and act with Godly principals. The combination of these seeds defines the matrix of our human code. This is our guide to life, our set of instuctions, our book of rules - how to be happy and live out our true purpose. It has been written that in due time, an abundance of knowledge and insights from the past that was previously hidden from mankind will be revealed for the good of all man, and in this age more than ever in the past, we are finding scripts, scrolls, writings and ancient documents that reveal mystical truths about humans, our past and our code. These are the Seeds of life.

If these seeds fall into soil that is fertile and full of nutrients, they will receive proper nourishment and will grow into strong and healthy fruit. This fertile soil is akin to a Conscious non-follower.  If the seeds fall into soil with some weeds, stones and without too many nutrients, the seeds will struggle to grow. Some may survive through chance but may not be adequately healthy or may seem to be doing ok but eventually wither away. This type of soil would be likened to a Rebellious non-follower.

And then there is the type of soil that is not fertile at all, has no nutrition, and the type that you would never grow anything in. If seeds fall into this type of soil, they have no chance of survival. They would receive no nourishment and be suffocated in their environment, leading to a short life. This is the type of soil that defines the follower, or most people in the world.


So which one are you ? Well it really doesn't matter. We are all on the same journey, just at different stages. The human code is for all of us whatever religion, race or nationality we are. The only patriotism we should display is that towards humans and not country, religion or language. That is the only way that the human race can truly progress both on a global level and an individual one. After all wouldn't we all love to have absolute happiness. Often some life events, sometimes tragic ones, make people question their values and what is important to them. And so depending on where you are at mentally, seeds will have different impacts on all of us.

To all followers who are not interested in consciousness, mental frequency or the meaning of life, you are fine the way you are. You will keep living an empty life whilst thinking it to be full and nothing can really change that. But maybe , just maybe at some stage during your lifetime you will go through a life experience,small or big, tragic or not,  that will change the way you think, act and receive the seeds around you. This is not just a theory but something that has happened to many followers throughout the ages and because of this, a Follower may begin the transition to a Rebellious non-follower. 

To all Rebellious Non-Followers who have already experienced that which has made you transition, it is vital at this stage that you don't become idle here and think that you have found your place in the world. You see, one of the side effects of babylon is that if you veer away from it, the system makes it very hard for you to survive and I have seen many Rebellious non-followers regress to a follower and the same regression I have seen happen to a Conscious non-follower (all because it bacame too hard). Progress means forward and so to all Rebellious non-followers, heed the seeds around you and your journey will make sense, and it will give you strength to be where you are at, and to move on. 


And to the few Conscious non-followers, let us be humble and at the same time proud. Let us keep our soil fertile and nourish every seed that we receive and let us grow. Let our heightened thought patterns, awareness and minds over matter be the example for all to follow no matter how much we are criticised, misunderstood and made to feel insignificant by those with limited overstanding. And whether we are a seed sower, or simply a builder using their tools according to the book of rules, it is our actions that always speak louder than words and the Conscious non-followers are the true leaders and role-models in any society. As the Conscious non-follower grows, which in itself is an on-going journey and challenge, his or her metaphysical light will (over time) begin to shine brighter in alignment with the great light that created and governs our earth.


" The human code is our only true EDUCATION, and all people want to be educated don't we ? "  -  Shem


So I am what I am, and as a species we have all been authorised to use free will, the amazing ability to do what we want and live how we want to live. So let us all go forward and do just that but here's a little word of advice. If you want to live by the code of your choice, then at least find a code that tells you why you were born, what the purpose of life is, what happens when you die and where you go (because going up to heaven to a God in the sky is a slightly ridiculous notion that most people find hard to fathom even if they don't admit it), how to be truly happy with ourselves, how to grow healthier and stronger as we get older, how to keep our families together and how not to destroy the planet we call home (Oh yes there is a way of life that shows all this)


Otherwise aren't we just wasting our time ?   And we should all at least know the answer to this question, and we should all use it :

                                                           "What is the greatest ability that a human being has ? " 






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