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Son of Selassie, Shem aka Yohann Narain was in this lifetime born in the Fiji islands. No different to most others in that his teaching as a child was systemic and secular, that of babylon as Rasta would say. No different except that when Jah calling came, mind body and soul was willing and able to renounce false conditionings and to accept and adopt new teachings for a deeper insight into real lfe. His purpose to be re-educated and to then further educate those reapers who choose to digest these seeds on their journey towards a more fulfilling and satisfying life was realised. As you read this now, without realising, you could well be one of the many reapers.

Shem's journey has taken him to all corners of the globe with his distinctive style of melodic and groovin riddims, his greatest work which was done early in his career when he spent time in Jamaica with members of the original Wailers Band of the legendary Bob Marley. Shem was invited by original Wailer, Aston "family man" Barrett, to come to Jamaica and record an album with him. This is an honour which Shem values greatly to this day, and a tour soon followed this which catapulted Shem's musical career, elevating him to Australia's leading reggae talent. Shem's mystical stage presence and raspy voice is reminiscent of past reggae greats and audiences have been captivated by not only the awesome sound but also by the vibe created on stage during every performance.



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